Health & Wellbeing Officer

Reporting to: Project Co-Ordinator Location: 200 Springfield Road, Belfast, BT12 7DB Hours of Work: 37 hours per week Salary: £27,158 Contract Term: Contract to the 31st March 2025

Key Purpose of Role

The purpose of the Wellbeing Officer(s) is to work as a member of the YouthStart team, working alongside young people and other delivery staff. The underpinning value of the work is to ensure that every young person achieves their potential through the provision of targeted support and intervention. Under the direction of the Project Co-Ordinator, the Health & Wellbeing Officer will contribute to all aspects of participant wellbeing and achievement, using the key outcomes of ‘Every Child Matters’ agenda as a basis for their work.

  • Be healthy
  • Be safe
  • Enjoy and Achieve
  • Make a positive contribution
  • Achieve economic wellbeing

This will involve a primary focus on ensuring that every young person achieves their learning potential.

The role will involve a mixture of dealing with young people presenting with issues such as behavioural and attendance issues, mental health and emotional wellbeing etc. teaching staff and their parents where applicable.


Specific Roles and Responsibilities for the Health & Wellbeing Officer:

The purpose of the Wellbeing Officer(s) is to provide a flexible and supportive role to young people.

  1. To assist delivery staff in taking necessary action and intervention as a result of participant wellbeing, poor performance and or attendance etc.
  2. Early identification of participants with possible future attendance issues
  3. Be a point of contract for participant welfare issues; liaise with external agencies to ensure that participants are provided with appropriate support to enable them to reach their potential.
  4. Assess what support participants need and devise and implement programmes with groups of young people or on a one to one to support the personal and social development of all participants.
  5. Offer support to participants in pathway planning, beginning at induction throughout the period of their action plan.

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