Delivering work-based training and qualifications to New and Existing employees of all ages 

An Apprenticeship training programme is for NEW or Existing staff and must work 21+ hours a week to qualify.  Most of the training is ‘on-the-job’ with you as the employer. This is usually four days a week. The rest is provided ‘off-the-job’, one day a week. Each Level normally takes 2-4 years to complete, depending on the type of Apprenticeship. The Apprenticeship programme is fully funded by the DFE.

At Springvale we offer Level 2 and Level 3 apprenticeship qualifications, these are set out in a framework and have been developed in liaison with industry representatives and are therefore tailored to ensure they meet the needs of your industry.

Apprenticeship levels

Apprenticeship levels are equivalent to:

  • Level 2 (5 GCSEs)
  • Level 3 (2 A Levels

How does taking on an Apprentice benefit my Business?

  • Discover fresh new talent and ways of thinking to meet business needs and grow together
  • Financial incentive up to £1674 per employee signed up
  • If employing someone new we can help with recruitment to fill the position
  • No cost to your business or your employees
  • Training can be provided at place of work or remotely
  • Learning materials are designed against the standards for the qualification.  We access learning materials from the Awarding Organisation and standard setting bodies which relate directly to the qualifications being delivered. 
  • Our tutors regularly attend training organised by Awarding Organisations and standard setting bodies on the development of effective learning materials.
  • All participants will have access to modern, industry standard equipment and resources both in Springvale Learning and on the employer’s premises to support their vocational area and meet the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) which is part of our ISO health & safety management system which is audited internally and annually externally. 
  • We also provide individual vocational specific equipment and PPE.
  • They can help equip your workforce with the practical skills and qualifications that your organisation needs now and in the future
  • You will enjoy the benefits of having a loyal and motivated workforce that you have trained to meet your specific business requirements.


What local companies say about our Apprenticeship Programme:

Local businesses who we have worked with to accelerate their business:


Getting an apprentice started on an Apprenticeship

You may already have a potential apprentice on your workforce. If not and you want to employ one, it is like recruiting any other employee. The next step is to:

What if your apprentice needs additional support?

As the apprentices are in employment when they start on the programme the Disability Discrimination Act applies making it illegal for employers to subject disabled job seekers and employees to disability discrimination. This includes failing to comply with the important duty to make reasonable adjustments and subjecting disabled people to disability-related harassment.

There are programmes available through the Department for Communities to support people into and to sustain work and these can be put in place for any eligible apprentice. See work schemes and programmes for people with disabilities

If additional support is needed for your apprentice during their time on directed training, for example, if they have a disability, Springvale will organise this for you with specially trained support providers. They will work closely together on behalf of your apprentice so that he or she can benefit fully from the training programme.