The Springvale Bursary Initiative was set up in 2023 to enable our students to be able to continue their career development after they leave us. Providing financial assistance to students is the main aim of this bursary programme and will benefit our vocational Learners in both our Skills for Life and Work Programme and our Apprenticeships primarily in the West Belfast area.

All applications are considered, with special consideration given to candidates who have significant barriers and hardship preventing them from realising their full potential through education, for example through economic or family circumstances.  Bursaries of £500 – £1000 will be awarded to successful applicants.

Become a Bursary Award Sponsor

Why become a sponsor?

Sponsoring a Bursary Award will help our learners to progress their career with this financial incentive. We have learners who have experienced trauma, who are carers, have disabilities but still want to make something of their lives and this bursary will reward them for their hard work, courage and determination they have shown during their course. The Bursary Award can be part of your companies Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy to positively impact the local society which in turn will positively affect your company`s finances and employee morale in the local community. This is a simple way to reward your work placement students or Apprentices and to create positive impact in the local community.

Your company will receive promotion of your logo on all of our promotional material. We will also aim to create some video and photographic footage to promote this on our own channels and through the press. We will also hold an annual awards show with part of it being dedicated to our Bursary Awards. All sponsors will be invited to attend, present the awards and have photographs taken for news coverage and branding opportunities.

There is no set amount each business has to contribute. Each business can contribute  as much as they want to the bursaries programme which will aid the progression of our students into employment, further education or training.  There is no limit on the amount you sponsor, all contributions are welcome. 


Additional Information

The Springvale Bursaries, launched in September 2023 as an educational initiative.
  • Applications are assessed by an independent panel in line with GDPR regulations
  • The bursary is not available to current students who are repeating part or all of an academic year unless this has been formally agreed on the basis of personal or medical circumstances.
  • Award recipients are required to attend the Learner Bursary Award presentation ceremony. Date of ceremony to be confirmed.
  • Recipients who fail to complete a course of study will be required to pay back all or part of the award.
  • Recipients are asked to complete a six-monthly report for organisers and sponsors.
  • Recipients are requested as far as possible to participate in the publicity surrounding the programme.
  • Previous recipients of a bursary/bursaries totalling £1000 cannot re-apply.
  • Previous unsuccessful Bursary applicants are welcome to re-apply.