Customer Service at Springvale

What is Customer Service?

Customer service is a vital element to any business that is dealing with an end user/customer. Customer service can make or break a sale, therefore, it is important to provide excellent customer service to new, existing and returning customers. A customer will always remember if the service was over and above, or, if their experience was one that they wouldn’t like to repeat again.

It is not only face to face contact where customer service is important, excellent customer service is essential when talking on the phone to a customer, via email or a as part of a web helpdesk.

Common tasks involved in Customer Service

To work in customer service, you need to possess some key attributes:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Extensive knowledge of the service/ product you are selling
  • Patience
  • Attentive towards the customer and their needs
  • Willingness to learn
  • Positive attitude

Common Tasks include:

  • Listen and respond to customers and their needs,
    queries and concerns
  • Provide detailed information about the service/product provided
  • Handle complaints
  • Record customer details
  • Refer a customer to supervisors or managers who need their help

More on this course

Springvale can provide a course that is suitable for those who are interested in enhancing their skills in customer service or those who already work in customer service and want to progress their career.

The aim of the customer service qualification is to develop and practice the skills that are required in employment were customer service is essential.

Whilst completing the training, you will develop and learn your skills in the following:

  • Delivering customer service
  • Understanding the principles of customer service
  • Manage personal performance and development

There are also many more optional modules that you can choose from dependant on your job role in Customer Service.

What are the career opportunities?

There are a number of different roles that a Customer Service qualification can lead to:

  • Account Coordinator
  • Account Manager
  • Account Representative
  • Call Centre Representative
  • Call Centre Supervisor
  • Cashier
  • Call Centre Agent
  • Customer Care Associate
  • Customer Care Operator
  • Customer Care Representative

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