Computer Technology at Springvale

What is Computer Technology?

Computer Technology is the designing, building and programming of computers. It is a significant industry to commence a career in Northern Ireland as it has been highlighted as an area with a skills shortage.

Common tasks involved in Computer Technology

To work in Computer Technology, you need to possess various skills which include; excellent communication skills to explain technical problems. You will also need to be patient and organised as the main purpose of a role in Computer Technology is solving problems. Daily tasks within Computer Technology include:

  • Install necessary hardware components to suit the needs of customers
  • Install and update necessary software to systems including operating systems and security software
  • Carry out routine preventative procedures on ICT systems
  • Resolve faults through a range of remedial activities
  • Maintain small networks within an organisation
  • Maintain/update web content
  • Provide technical advice and guidance for clients and customers

More on this course

Springvale provides an extensive Computer Technology course designed to accredit your knowledge and understanding of various IT elements such as applications programming, networking, systems administration and internet development.

If you study this qualification at Springvale, you will:

  • Be able to apply practical skills to safely carry out hardware installations.
  • Use the correct tools and procedures to carry out a range of remedial and preventative activities to solve common faults within systems.
  • Gain basic knowledge and understanding required to safely install and maintain components in networking.
  • Gain basic knowledge of common types of threats to ICT systems and data, and methods of protecting against them.
  • Plan for and build basic websites using HTML5 and CSS3
  • Know how to identify different types of customers and their requirements
  • Understand the appropriate conduct for a workplace
  • Know how to apply types of communication
  • Be able to plan and manage workload

What are the career opportunities?

There are a number of different roles that a Computer Technology qualification can lead to:

  • Computer Technician
  • Computer Service and Repair Engineer
  • IT support Manager

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