The Transition Programme at Springvale Learning, Belfast

What is the programme?

In 2014, Springvale introduced our bespoke Transitions Programme, aimed at young people aged between 16 and 22 years old with a disability.

The Transitions programme exclusively offers learners an uncomplicated transition from the special educational needs schooling environment into further education.  It provides a positive and friendly route for learners to embark on vocational and essential skills as well as to become more confident in personal, social and employability skills. Specialist access to our transitions room means our learners who feel overwhelmed at times can meet with our dedicated Transitions Programme Co-ordinator to obtain support, advice and guidance or even just take some time to de stress and re charge in a friendly and secure environment.

We work very closely with all transitions learners, parents and guardians, increasing awareness of the various support mechanisms and care provided whilst training at Springvale.

Springvale strives to enable progression to higher level training or employment and continue to;

  • Provide an individual education plan for each student
  • Provide personal and social development
  • Develop occupational and employability skills
  • Regularly hold one to one meetings with parents and taster sessions for participants
  • Provide specialist help to apply for transportation if required
  • Offer advice and support as a result of strong partnerships with disability organisations
  • Hold open days and skills sampling sessions to increase familiarity with the Springvale building and the staff prior to enrolment in one of our courses